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  Semester exam will be a 2 - 3 minute PowerPoint Presentation.  Presentations begin NEXT week!!!
  Possible PowerPoint Topics:

  • "All About Me!"
  • "My Dream Vacation"
  • "Immediate, Short-term, and Long-term Goals"
  • "Controversial, Current Event"
  • "My Role-Models"
  • Your choice (WITH instructor approval)

   Right-click HERE (Save Link As...): PowerPoint Rubric



1A (Topics - Per Class)

Student Name Topic
Sonia A. "My Dream Vacation"
Jazmine A. "All About Me"
Israel A. "My Family"
Eduardo B. Choose a topic
Clarissa C. "All About Me"
Carissa C. "All About Me"
Nyssa C. "All About Me"
Adan C. Choose a topic
Ruby C. Choose a topic
Mark D. Choose a topic
David G. "My Dream Vacation"
Erasmo G. Choose a topic
Marcelino G. "All About Me"
Alejandra H. Choose a topic
Joseph J. "My Dream Vacation"
Edgar L. Choose a topic
Selina L. Choose a topic
Antonio L. "All About Me"
Maria L. "All About Me"
Mark M. Choose a topic
Carolina R. "All About Me"
Elias S. "My Dream Vacation"
Ismael T. Choose a topic


2A (Topics - Per Class)

Student Name Topic
Corina A. "My Dream Vacation"
Stephanie A. "My Dream Vacation"
Nicholas C. Choose a topic
Victoria C. "My Favorite Vacation"
Marcus C. Choose a topic
Carlos C. "All About Me"
Bianca D. Choose a topic
Edgar D. "All About Me"
Joe E. "All About Me"
Alfredo G. "All About Me"
Janet G. "All About Me"
Cesar G. "My Role-Model"
Maritza G. Choose a topic
Veronica G. Choose a topic
Ashley I. Choose a topic
Clarissa L. Choose a topic
Aurelio L. "All About Me"
Baldemar M. "My Dream Vacation"
Fidencio M. "World War II"
Gerardo M. "My Dream Vacation"
Robie M. Choose a topic
Yuritza O. Choose a topic
Christopher R. "My Dream Vacation"
Clarisa Z. "All About Me"


4B (Topics - Per Class)

Student Name Topic
Lluvia A. "All About Me"
Nicole B. "All About Me"
Ubaldo C. "All About Me"
Diana C. "All About Me"
Daisy C. "All About Me"
Desiree C. "All About Me"
Alexander D. Choose a topic
Andre D. "My Dream Vacation"
Joanna G. "All About Me"
Rene G. "All About Me"
Leonor G. "All About Me"
Emanuel J. "Online Predators"
Janeth M. "All About Me"
Cynthia M. "All About Me"
Jesica O. "All About Me"
Yvette O. "All About Me"
Jaime P. "My Dream Vacation"
Johnny R. "All About Me"
Emilia S. "My Dream Vacation"
Christopher S. Choose a topic
Alejandro S. "All About Me"
Tiare Torres "My Dream Vacation"
Edgar V. "All About Me"
Fernando V. Choose a topic
Orlando V. Choose a topic

Friday, May 21 (B)/Tuesday, May 25 (B)/Thursday, May 27 (B)/Monday, May 31 (B)
Monday, May 24 (A)/Wednesday, May 26 (A)/Friday, May 28 (A)

PowerPoint Project Pointers (Semester Exam)

  • Animating PowerPoint slides
  • PowerPoint Handout
    • Print 5 slides as a Handout (3 slides per page)
    • Follow the "Rule of 6"
    • Include your Introduction (Title) Slide
    • Include your Conclusion Slide
    • Add a "Header" to your Handout printout
    • Worth DAILY GRADE
  • Begin PowerPoint presentations


MP3 Sound Files
Right-click files below, and save to your PowerPoint (MP3) folder

Beautiful New World 30

Gibson Road 30

Now Is The Time 30

Beauty Shot 30

Grunge Garage 30

Power Of One 30

Blue 30

Heirloom 30

Prelude 30

Bouncing 30

High Ground 30

Quiet Corner 30

Call To Me Instrumental (Full Violin) 30

In Tune Today 30

Retrospect 30

Can Do 30

In Your Heart 30

Safe Passage 30

Chameleon Waltz 30

International Current 30

Slowly Surrender 30

Chili Stain 30

Invisibility 30

Steadfast 30

Clear 30

Knife Fight 30

Story The 30

Connected 30

Like The Old Days 30

Strong Survive The 30

December Destruct 30

Lydian 30

Swept Away 30

Drastic Measures 30

Martian Bayou 30

The Open Plains 30

Edge The 30

Melodic Atmosphere 30

Then Again 30

Endless Road 30

More And More 30

Time Alone 30

Everlasting 30

Morning On The Field 30

Time Starts Now 30

Far 30

Morning Sunrise 30

Trudge 30

First Star 30

Neurofunk 30

Victory Planet 30

Floater 30

Night Watch 30

Walkin The Dog 30

Flute Of Passion 30

November News 30

Within The Wind 30

Wednesday, May 19 (B)
Thursday, May 20 (A)

PowerPoint Project Pointers (Semester Exam)

  • Adding sound to PowerPoint slides
  • Outline
    • Right-click here (Open Link In New Tab...) to see example
    • Worth DAILY GRADE

Monday, May 17 (B)
Tuesday, May 18 (A)

PowerPoint Project Pointers (Semester Exam)

  • Introduction...
  • Body...
  • Conclusion...
  • "Rule of 6"...
  • Working with pictures/images...
  • Outline
  • Choose a topic!!!